HOMESCHOOLING PARENTS: What are your bottlenecks to success?

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HOMESCHOOLING PARENTS: What are your bottlenecks to success?

Postby DGreene » Sun Jul 25, 2010 4:30 pm

Hi everyone on Homeschool World,

I'm an entrepreneur and educational psychologist with a passion for creating supports for alternative forms of education. I hold the homeschooling systems especially close to my heart.

I have a broad set of questions for all of you, but especially for homeschooling parents of all experience levels. What are the biggest challenges in your work? What are the bottlenecks that, if only they were fixed, would make homeschooling that much easier?

- What basic resources hold you back the most: time, money, information, social support?

- Maybe you find assessment to be a challenge: measuring your children's progress, setting clear benchmarks, or giving academic support in unfamiliar subjects.

- You must also do a lot of time management and short-term and long-term planning. Do you feel like you have good support for planning and scheduling, from other people and/or technology?

- What is it like to interact with businesses and local and national institutions for resources and support? If you are interested in getting your child "out into the world" through business apprenticeships or mainstream academic experience, how difficult is it?

- Where you you find free educational resources? Do you wish you had more, or is there already lifetimes' worth?

- Is it easy or difficult to connect with other local homeschoolers?

I really appreciate any responses to this. This is my first post, and I would love to get a better sense of what it's like to be in your shoes, especially in terms of the supports and challenges of homeschooling in 2010.


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