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How do you organize what your children have done into a record of work? Discuss this and other related issues here!

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Recordkeeping MN

Postby WWMama » Mon Feb 18, 2008 6:34 pm

I have a question about recordkeeping as it relates to homeschooling in MN. I know that I need to do quarterly report cards because I don't have a BA (I still don't get that rule about MN) but I'm wondering, should I be keeping lessons plans? What do I need to keep to save as records? A meeting I went to the other night made it sound like other than those report cards (and who are they for anyway???) nothing really mattered until you got to high school, and that was only if they were planning on going on to college (and then you should put together a portfolio of sorts).

Up until now I have been saving lesson plans. Do I need to? I had heard of someone who talked about just journaling what the kids are doing and what they are learning because that format worked better for her, and I'm thinking that I would really enjoy that way better. What do you guys think, as far as what is "supposed to be kept track of"? I've started just writing about the kids experiences and progression in what they are learning twice a month. Does anyone have any opinons/advice on this?

I guess record keeping and all of that was something i hadn't even given any thought to. Gee....there is just so much to remember after your husband finally agrees to homeschooling!!
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Postby elliemaejune » Mon Feb 18, 2008 9:50 pm

I don't really see a point in keeping record plans.

All you need to do is whatever is necessary for you to keep yourself on track, whatever *your* track is.

If at some point your dc went back to school, the report cards would be part of their cumulative records, which would go with them to the school. Ideally, you requested their records when you took them out of school; your report cards would just go into the same folders.

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