Ideas for portfolio?

How do you organize what your children have done into a record of work? Discuss this and other related issues here!

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Postby phiferan » Sat Aug 18, 2007 11:52 am

[color=indigo]Correction: then instead of saying my experience is for Maryland, I should more accurately say that because the Maryland homeschooling law is actually administered by each separate county, and different people can act as your reviewer for each review (I have had a different reviewer every 6 months), then it can be really tough depending on who you get as reviewer. Yea, my county is more demanding, I live in a county closer to Washington, DC and I think a little more hostile to homeschoolers because the local public school system is revered as being a very good one. As you know, in Maryland, the state issues the homeschooling law; however, the county you live in actually administers it and conducts the reviews. And the Maryland law states that your, “home instruction program shall be reviewed by the local superintendent or the superintendent's designee at the conclusion of each semester of the local school system.â€
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Postby micheller79 » Thu Aug 23, 2007 3:52 pm

Wow. I guess i should be thankful i am not in a more difficult state.
We got our porfolio back this week and again i don't think anyone ever opened it. We have to supply our own evaluator who is a teacher with a valid cetificate in the grade of the child. This year she did give me a few heads up on my daughters progress. she was concerned with her math skills, because she is needing to progress to a higher level of math this year. So, I am armed with flash cards and hope we can go forward. I am seriously considering cyber school but my husband has reservations.

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