Need Help with Writing Strands Level 5 Lesson 8

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Need Help with Writing Strands Level 5 Lesson 8

Postby celentobarr » Tue Feb 12, 2013 6:38 pm

My son and I are working through Writing Strands Level 5. Lesson 8 asks the parent and student to read a story together and then to write a piece of dialogue that continues a dialogue in the story. Mr. Marks recommends that the parent and student choose a story with characters similar to themselves, so that it will be easy to imagine more dialogue. Can anyone recommend a story (short story or short novel) which features dialogue between a mother and her teen son? If anyone else has used this lesson and dealt with it in a creative way (I personally think that it would be easier for us to write our own dialogue than to find a suitable story) I would love to hear that, too. BTW, I am using the original version of Writing Strands, copyright 1988-98; it may be that later editions do not have this assignment or have it in a different level or lesson.

Thank you!

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