Dyslexia! Is it a gift?

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Dyslexia! Is it a gift?

Postby OvercomingDyslexia » Tue Aug 23, 2011 11:08 pm

I want to encourage parents who have kids with Dyslexia. Look for your child's gifts, strengths and talents- there will be many. So often we focus on trying to fix the problem that we miss out on the amazing talents!

My Dyslexic Daughter's Talents (age 11):
Loves animals
Great at preparing meals
Loves to help with little children
Makes stuff out of clay
Makes cartoons with computer animation
Invents things
Tells stories
Never gives up!
She's not afraid to to be herself
She's happy to help around the house.
She loves to garden
She can do math in her head really well.
She has mastered a sport called Parkour.
She's a great photographer.

What are her weaknesses? She couldn't tell the difference between a "b" and "d" or read the word "the" until she was NINE! She needed brain training therapy, but enjoys reading and writing now. The types of talents she possesses are common to kids with Dyslexia- they often very creative, imaginative, fearless and compassionate.

What are your child's gifts?
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