Music Teacher interested in Homeschool Family's Needs

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Music Teacher interested in Homeschool Family's Needs

Postby kcryan » Sun May 04, 2014 12:23 pm

Hey there! I'm Kasey Ryan, just signed up to the forums today. I believe I'm posting in an acceptable area, but please let me know if this is considered spam and I'll happily post wherever is acceptable.

So first off, I wasn't homeschooled, and so I'm not really very familiar with the existing homeschool community, but I'm beginning to learn that it is fairly extensive, and that everybody shares good resources when they can find them.

I teach the usual late afternoon and evening hours at a music studio in Chicago. I've been instructing since high school, and recently graduated college. I now instruct at a music academy in Plainfield as well. Anyway, my father mentioned this Easter an awesome idea, which is that I could offer my services to Chicago area homeschool families, offering morning and afternoon hours to fit in with the regular school-day. I teach piano, guitar, and bass guitar.

I have a few questions for those of you who would be interested in lending me a hand with information. Do you think the daytime hours would indeed be useful? Is it common for families to hire a music instructor to help the music curriculum? I saw another post from a teacher dated a few years ago, but it looked like quite a few members of the forum looked exited about the idea. Is music usually emphasized in a traditional homeschool setting?

Another big question I have is about taxes deductions. I read that families can deduct in some cases their homeschooling expenses, but it is very difficult to find the specific details of this in my research online. Does anybody know how this works? If I could give this information to those who would be interested I'm sure it would help them to afford more lessons and help me to provide my services to more families.

Thanks in advance to everybody!

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