Luncheon in the Studio

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Luncheon in the Studio

Postby jerryailily » Sun Apr 28, 2013 3:41 am

Luncheon in the Studio was a realistic masterpiece which Manet was devoted to color contrast. For Manet, it was a common thing that the indoor scenes were using realistic approach for performance. But the painter divided the studio into right and left parts. Thus, the young maid's clothes formed a contrast with the youth's uppers. The table's color tones were contrasted by the painter image behind the table. Among this, the youth image was the main tone of color contrast, making the both sides echo with each other.

Luncheon in the Studio was a favorite work of Manet. In this painting, no story, only image. The smoking man sitting on the right and an old gun on the left were only used to transfer viewers attention attracted by the fore young people and back women. The position and proportion of characters indicated that they were arranged in two different spatial landscapes which were very clear and shared the obvious difference. But they did not imitate the nature. That's to say, it was virtual. The appearance of these two characters gave a person a kind of magic and unreal feeling. But from the point of view of artistic conception, it was credible. The color further strengthened this impression: the black on the uniform's shirt-this was the foreground; in a farther place, there were the light gray and yellow in women's clothes; then was the white vase. Other colors were quietly foiling the whole painting. Among all the paintings of Manet, the best was he did not insist on the objectivity and integrity, but to work on his own style only based on his feelings.

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