La Belle Jardiniere

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La Belle Jardiniere

Postby jerryailily » Sat Apr 27, 2013 3:31 am

La Belle Jardiniere was made by Italian famous painter Raphael. The painting depicts the leisure life of Madonna, Jesus andSt. John. It is through the image of the beautiful governess to express the secular spirit of love.

In the garden, Madonna is sitting to take care of these two children who are Jesus andSt. John. Jesus stands beside her mother and looks at her with a smile, with his feet on her feet and hands on her hands.St. Johnwith one knee kneeling down looks at him fondly. This is a kind of secluded scene. In that era, with the efforts of the previous generation, people have become accustomed to seeing his kind and human breath in Jesus's description. And Raphael uses a kind of style and form beauty to manifest the charming and elegant Christian poetry in the idyllic simplicity of the atmosphere.

The painting gives a person the most lasting impression, which is a heaven of peace and quiet fairyland. All the subtleties have this impression, atmosphere, scenery, calm face and attitude. In the Umbrian quiet fields, there is not a stormy weather, as these figures soul never set off a frenzy of enthusiasm. This is circling around Olympiain Homa's poetry, and the quietness in heavy in Dante's Divine Comedy. This quietness immediately attracts our imagination to another state and to be far away from the real world. Here, its excellence and superiority cannot be matched by all other sketches.

The little Jesus smiles at Madonna, Madonna smiles at the little Jesus. But there is no strong performance. This smile is just slightly marked. The child's feet are put in the mother's feet to show kindness and confidence. But this love is just can be identified in a little action. This painting style is delicate with perfect techniques to show the kind, gentle, pure and lovely female governess, giving a person a kind of warm feeling. This painting also vividly conveys the desire for life of the painter.

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