Great French Painter Chaim Soutine

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Great French Painter Chaim Soutine

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Chaim Soutine (1894-1943) was a French painter. He made a major contribution to the expressionist movement in Paris. Chaim Soutine was born near Minsk in Russia in a poor Jewish family. Aged 17 he entered the Academy of Fine Arts in Paris. When he was 31, the style of his works had changed a lot, and he began to express a terrible mood.

Young Soutine had already been regarded as a master. He was born sensitive, emotional and moody, without depression but only transition. He once said, if he was not able to become a painter then he would like to be a boxer. His roundly and impulsive characters directly influenced the style of his work, he had no patience to make full preparation for painting because he thought it was a waste of time. What he prepared was actually to paint a lot of pigment on the canvas when he tended to be crazy enough.

His painting style was rough and exaggerated. The figures he depicted were ugly, neurotic, exaggerated and distorted. In his eyes, they were exactly the real. Influenced greatly by classic painting, Soutine learned from other painters" works and finally developed his unique style. He paid more attention to the shape, color, and texture than representation, which made a great contribution to the developing form of Abstract Expressionism. His famous works are Carcass Of Beef, Ceret Landscape, Chartres Cathedral and Girl At Fence.

Soutine and Modigliani had the most independent character among Montparnasse painters. Their painting styles were free of the influence of Italian Futurism, dropping out of the creation of Cubism, nor copying sensational Fauvism. They infrequently appeared in Matisse painting academy. Therefore, they had their unique individual painting styles.

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