Background of The Veiled Woman

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Background of The Veiled Woman

Postby jerryailily » Thu Apr 25, 2013 3:42 am

In 1514, Raphael said in his letter to one of his friends Bedsore Carlene duke who was a diplomat and political activist about the creation of the perfect female portraits, "I frankly tell you, in order to create a perfect image of women, I have observed many beautiful women, then choose the most beautiful one as my model. You will agree with me. Because the choice of models is very difficult, so in the creation I have to resort to the mind which has been formed or are searching for the ideal image of beauty, whether it would be perfect, I don't know, but I try to make it perfect." This statement can not only help us understand many of Raphael's Madonna paintings, but also contribute to our appreciation of La Donna Velata. This portrait is a woman half-naked body, which is an exception in all of Madonna paintings of Raphael. Some people still have doubt whether this painting is painted by Raphael. As everyone knows, Rafael is favored by Pope Leo X. The Pope gave him a cardinal's hat, and wanted to have the niece of to marry him.

Rafael didn't dare to refuse due to his gentle nature, but for this marriage he had been dragging. It seems that the painter has his own love. There is no reliable historical data concerning Raphael's love life. According to the Italy art historian Vasari's record, Raphael is a lady-killer and wishes to impress all the beautiful women and is ready to serve them. It is said that The Veiled Woman is the portrait of a charming woman La Donna Velata. But according to the analysis of scholars, this portrait still belongs to a fictional character. In addition, at the earliest Raphael also loved a woman named La Fauna Leno who was a Rome bakery owner's daughter. She looked very beautiful. Some art historians believe that this half-nude portrait is taking her as the model. This painting is Raphael's late work, and has obvious characteristics of Marxism. Some people according to this characteristic said it is completed by his favorite pupil Giulio Romano in Rome. In 1518, in the creation of Farr Nai Jose villa ceiling paintings and other large murals, his disciples also participated in.

In his numerous students, Giulio Romano is one of his favorite pupils. In view of this, some people think Romano completed this work based on Rafael's sketch. But this painting is assuredly built on Raphael's fancy female model. It depends on future research results to determine who the model is.

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