Appreciation to The Marriage of The Virgin

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Appreciation to The Marriage of The Virgin

Postby jerryailily » Thu Apr 25, 2013 3:41 am

In the painting, the wedding is held in a sunny place, rather than in the church. The visual center is the ceremony which is the representative of the will of God, and Joseph wears the engagement ring on the hands of Maria. The rest characters are standing on both sides, forming a symmetrical composition. Both sides are respectively two groups of young men and women. A group of women behind Maria are her girlfriends, and the young men behind Joseph are the suitors. They hold the sticks marking proposal. The person whose stick blooms is by fate the Maria's fiancé. The composition of background is the separate small groups. On both sides, the two groups make the whole scene extend to both sides to increase the grandness. Foreground characters are arranged on both sides of the wedding in rectangular to reflect the grandeur of the wedding.

The spatial distance of perspective lines of square stones, shadow of characters and 16 corners of the Baptistery make the whole painting present a profound sense of infinite. The painting is colorful and harmonious, full of music and seems to have the wedding in music, fully displaying the painter's artistic attainments. Maria's S body shows the beauty and shyness of women. Joseph's body embodies his strength. It is Joseph's stick head that blooms a flower. The God's will makes other suitors live in pain and anxiety. Some even become angry. The foreground young man desperately breaks his proposal stick and the bishop credibility presides over the wedding to reflect their identity.

Two men and women groups accompanied by 5 people are echoing with small hills behind the background buildings to add the space level sense. Both men and women are shaped very beautifully with side composition in the face and expressive implicit afford much food for thought.

The painter uses a lot of various curves. The characters' body and wrinkle changes of clothes have caused the gentle and soft feeling. The whole painting is of equilateral triangle, with the grand scenes, many vivid characters and lively portrait portraying the harmonious rhythm unified changes...It may be said that the painting has developed the peak of the Renaissance. The composition, environment and character configuration of the painting all imitate his teacher Perugino's painting Christ Gives the Key to Peter. In addition to with the elegant and quiet features, this painting begins to show its own unique aesthetic style. The painting takes symmetrical layout, the background is of indomitable spirit of polygon Baptistery. The horizontal line, vertical line and circular curve are used a lot, resulting in a soft, concise, lively, and harmonious beauty. The painter cleverly uses perspective to further the space. Raphael likes building in the background of painting, which is reflected in The School of Athens.

In this painting, the maternal warmth and youth fitness embody the humanistic thought, which is also advocated by people during the Renaissance period. The Marriage of The Virgin also fully shows that Raphael has absorbed the essence of art of Perugino and surpassed the formers. Both the composition and image building are innovative, especially the balance of painting, the depicting of the background, and the grandeur of the virgin, which are very rare in former paintings.

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