The Red Vineyard

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The Red Vineyard

Postby jerryailily » Thu Apr 25, 2013 3:36 am

The Red Vineyard was made by the famousHolland painter Vincent Van Gogh in November 1888. The painting depicts the woman picking grapes trees. Van Gogh deliberately designed the vine in very expressive red. The painting is the only one sold before Van Gogh's death.

Van Gogh wishes to show the wine ferment and drunkenness and reeky maddening. His noisy colors imply the unrestrained revelry, and the vineyard is regarded as the abnormal promoter and the main source. This painting shows Van Gogh's usual profound sense of space. He uses the red to describe the red vine, which is so expressive that it echoes with The Harvest of Red Vineyard of Gauguin. Van Gogh also paints the Al couple dressed in local Breton.

In 1887, because of the continuous development of contemporary French art movement, Van Gogh used much brighter palette and exhibited his works in the working-class cafes. And he began acquainted with Pissarro, Degas, Seurat, and Cezanne and was greatly influenced by impressionist and post-Impressionist theory techniques. He started tired of life in Parisand liked the southwest of Francewith brighter sunshine and more beautiful colors. Then he created Père Tanguy and began to make sunflowers paintings.

1888 was Van Gogh's Al Period (from Feb.21, 1888 to May.3, 1889). In Feb 1888, Van Gogh was recommended by his friend to go to Al which was a small town in the south of France and he quickly fell in love with it. Strong sunlight and harsh field made him crazy. And his creation reached its peak. Although affected by French Impressionism and Japanese ukiyoe, his work had great personality stemming from the unique perspective and sensitive character. He loved the nature and life. He was not satisfied with the rational "imitation of external image, but took advantage of paintings to express the subjective and emotional ideas of artists to make the paintings more personal and unique (the quotations were Van Gogh's words). Therefore, Van Gogh painted with his whole heart. He rented a yellow house in the town square to build a home for painters. And later Gauguin came to. Unfortunately, the long-term heavy working load and burning sun made Van Gogh's insanity. He often quarreled with Gauguin, which resulted in the "cutting ear" event. Under the protest of Al residents, Van Gogh was forced to leave and voluntarily went to the Saint Paul mental hospital for treatment. Van Gogh created a large number of paintings, but he still could not sell them to support himself. The Red Vineyard was created under this circumstance.

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