The Lost Leonardo

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The Lost Leonardo

Postby jerryailily » Tue Apr 23, 2013 4:05 am

When we are talking about the great Renaissance master Leo Leonardo da Vinci, we will think of his masterpiece Mona Lisa. After the completion of the Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci created another work of high artistic value. It is The Battle of Anghiari, which is referred to as "a masterpiece among masterpieces. Regrettably, according to historical records, the painting had been destroyed in the mid-16th century. However, some people have been not given up the search for it.

The Battle of Anghiari is regarded as a legendary and mysterious painting by Leonardo da Vinci because it is still lost. Many questions about this painting are still suspended. .This masterpiece was created on the early 1500s. It is said that his painting had not been completed. Then it disappeared after restorations on the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. And where has it been? Many people believe that it is still hidden beneath the fresco in Palazzo Vecchio.

The main scene of this painting described four men riding raging war horses engaged in the Battle of Anghiari in 1440. In 1503, Leonardo da Vinci was ordered to decorate a hall in Palazzo Vecchio Florence. After about 18 months hard work, he created the famous fresco The Battle of Anghiari, in the hope of reproducing this famous battle by this painting. People at that time believed that it was the greatest painting by da Vinci.

The mid-16th century, this hall was being restoration, and this famous Leonardo da Vinci's famous fresco disappeared mysteriously. In order to unveil the mystery of the disappearance of The Battle of Anghiari Dr. Seracini paid great effort throughout all his life on discovering it. He always believed that Leonardo da Vinci's painting was secretly hid by the greedy Vasari. In 1975, he found some mysterious information from Vasaris fresco, in which the green flag reads Cerca, Trova. These two Italian words mean if we set up to hunt for it we will find it. This discovery made Dr. Seracini ensure that the painting was hid by Vasari. He believed that Vasari covered the wall with a new layer in order to deceive the public. We believe that one day this mystery will be unearthed.

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