Interested in a Live Online Course teaching Art?

The arts are sometimes overlooked, but they're a valuable part of culture and history.

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Interested in a Live Online Course teaching Art?

Postby Mikesanti » Mon Oct 14, 2019 1:51 pm

Hey Ya'll! I've been setting up equipment to create a live online webinar of sorts that is focused on teaching art regarding a particular subject, such as character design, sketching, concept art, watercolor, etc. When I spoke of the idea with a friend who happens to be a homeschooling mom, she mentioned how awesome it would be since its online, live (with recordings available after the session), and good on budget ($15 for Three 1-Hour Courses).

I hope to receive feedback so that I can construct this in a manner that best serves you.

For $15, this grants you:
- Three LIVE 1-Hour Courses (that'll be done on separate days, same time, and maximum 20 students). Your children would be able to see me and the paper that I am working on (or the screen should I be teaching digital art) so that they can follow, and I can easily answer questions should any come up.
- Access to the Recorded Sessions should your child not be able to attend on any of the days. The recording can help them as well should they simply want to watch it again and learn.
- I'll provide the tools they need to get via amazon links so that they'll be prepared. I'll provide budget friendly options and then higher "professional" grade ones should you desire.

Is this something that would be of benefit for you? If you can change anything of what I am offering, what would you do differently? I really want to tailor it to best serve the student and parent, so your input is important. Thank you!!

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