Science curriculum for 7th vs. Apologia?

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Science curriculum for 7th vs. Apologia?

Postby cstrange63 » Sat Jun 14, 2008 12:46 pm

No offense, but I'll state from the start that I'm not interested in getting into the creation/evolution argument.

I need a good science curriculum for a 7th grader who shows exceptional math and science ability (I'm a former math teacher so we've got that part covered w/ the help of Singapore Math). This past year we used Real Science 4 Kids along with supplementing with some other things.

My daughter has said that she could see herself w/ a future career in a science field and she thinks as a 7th-grader it's time to "get serious" about science. I've been doing my research and I keep hearing amazing things about Apologia's science programs. So, even though I'm a secular evolutionist, I was seriously considering Exploring Creation with Physical Science for this school year. My daughter is also an evolutionist (she thinks), but I'm perfectly willing for her to be exposed to other theories.

To get to the point--I explained to her that I was considering a creationist curriculum that was supposed to get her on the college-prep track. She knows that she would be free to disagree w/ some of the creation theories. However, in researching, I went to Dr. Wile's web-site, and was somewhat "put off" by his reference to "hysterical environmentalists"--I guess because he was referring to me.

Don't get me wrong--I may still even use the Apologia program. But I'm still researching my possibilities. I think we're going to do the World History class this year (as consumer direct, not associated w/ any charter school), and I was wondering if anyone had used their middle school science classes. If so, what did you think about the content??--I'm not referring to the creation/evolution thing, I just want a good, college-prep type, interesting course. I would prefer one with meaningful labs and periodic evaluations. And, of course, I would hope it would be user-friendly and not require hours and hours of parent prep time.

I see a real need for an in-depth, secular, homeschool science program that could be used until students can take community college classes. I also tutor students from the public school, and I'm not at all impressed with the science textbooks they use.

Anyone used the k12 science classes??

Thanks for your help,

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Postby CTaylor » Sat Jun 14, 2008 8:45 pm

I'm not a real homeschooler, just someone who dreams of it while working 50+ hour weeks.... I recently got Exploring Creation Through Botany from Apologia and have been working through it with my sons, who are much younger than your daughter. It's not the book you would be using, but it is from Apologia so I offer some info for your consideration.

If you are put off by references to specific bible verses, God, and creation, you will likely have a difficult time with an Apologia text. If you are serious about letting your daughter get exposed to alternative points of view, then Apologia seems like a very good way to approach it. I love that the text includes such references on almost every page.

There is never a derogatory reference to environmentalists/evolutionists in the text that I got. It is pretty articulate about preserving the environment. It stays clear of evolution so far. This really isn't a "plus" for me because I lean strongly toward Intelligent Design. But we have really enjoyed working from this Apologia text and I hope you take a chance and check out what they offer.

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Postby Alicelewis11 » Wed Jul 23, 2014 6:20 am

I may at present even utilize the Apologia program. However in any case i'm inquiring about my potential outcomes. I think we're going to do the World History class not long from now (as shopper immediate, not related w/ any contract school), and I was thinking about whether anybody had utilized their center school science classes. Provided that this is true, what did you think about the substance??- -I'm not alluding to the creation/development thing, I simply need a decent, school prep sort, intriguing course. I would lean toward unified with serious labs and intermittent assessments. Furthermore, obviously, I would trust it would be easy to understand and not oblige a really long time of guardian prep time.

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