Need Help!!! I'm ready to quit!!

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Need Help!!! I'm ready to quit!!

Postby TMPNorth » Thu Sep 22, 2011 9:55 am

My son is 8 years old - in grade 3 - a bright kid that likes to learn but as a normal 8 year old boy doesn't like to sit still, work or have a schedule! He is on an ecclectic program of mixed curricula (Abeka LA, Math U See, Apologia Science, Wordly Wise, and social studies reading, Rosetta Stone French). He really wants to add computer programming and has comitted to show me that he has room in his schedule for it (if so we'll add it in January). Our philosophy is mainly Charlotte Mason (I also read extensively to him). His day lasts from 9 am to 2:30ish with a morning break and lunch break. He receives rewards for each subject that he completes with a good attitude and work ethic (we keep track of points which convert to books, or money)

He is extremely emotional - he cries at every little thing; gets angry and hurt feelings if I don't listen to him "explain" how the book/computer is wrong (and won't listen to me until he has exhausted his ideas!). When things don't go perfectly he gets angry and has the "everything is just stupid" attitude. Once on the emotional path he doesn't seem to be able to get off it and blames me, his sister or anything around him for his feelings.

I've tried sending him to his room to calm down (and let me calm down). Admittedly, I am not always helpful. I find it difficult not to match his snarly attitude with my own!

This year, however (in our big 3 days) I have been calm, relaxed and haven't lost my professional attitude (yet). I have done very little except schooling so I'm not irritated by interruptions. I'm doing all I know how to do to do my part. I just don't know what to do with him!

I'm am ready to just send him to public school come what may! I know that in school he'll listen better and now exhibit his feelings the way he does with me (and that he'll be teased mercilessly for crying if he does!). I am just afraid that maybe I'm to blame. He's speaking the way he's learned and I have no one to blame but me - I'm the one who teaches him!

Any advice? Help? Encouragement? Experience in this area?

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hi, hang out there...

Postby jinger » Sun Sep 25, 2011 4:44 am

First, you sound like a very dedicated mother. So being judicial on yourself is really not the right thing, as its simply not true. You are doing great by not following your kid's moods.

As for public school vs homeschool, what does he think of it? although i'm pretty much against conventional ed. if that's is wish of heart - maybe you should consider it. tells us some more about him...

for now, i'm sending you my honest greetings and wish that things will be naturally solved to your satisfaction...

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