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Homeschooling many children

Posted: Tue Feb 20, 2007 4:33 pm
by boysnberry
I didn't know where this fit into any of the other chats so I'll ask here. We've been homeschooling for a while now. We have seven children ages 1 to 8. We love it and we see progress BUT...I'm really struggling with teaching them at one time. I have so many small ones that I'm not able to give the K, first and second grader the time they need. It seems like we are constantly rushing through things just to get them done before we're interupted by little ones. I feel I've tried EVERY way to give the time they each need but I'm not getting anywhere. The children are starting to hate it because it's just rush rush rush and I don't feel like they are learning what they need to. Do I need to relax? Do I need to have school all day? ANY suggestion would be nice.

Posted: Wed Feb 21, 2007 9:27 am
by momo3boys
I only have three, but i found myself getting very frustrated when they weren't working independantly. I let that go a little, they are only 7 and 9, and when i am working with one child the other one gets a break, they play or do something that i know they can do easily by themselves, then play when they are done. THen we trade. they each get one on one time and frequent breaks, which i have found boys REALLY need. this helps me because my expectations aren't as high, and i'm not setting them up for failure. I hope this helps.

Posted: Sat Feb 24, 2007 5:17 pm
by su
Are you trying to do a lot of subjects? We have 5 kids, ages 4-15. When our older kids were smaller, we mostly focused on math and reading. In the earlier grades it didn't take that long to get through their lessons, so, as momo3boys said, each child could get mom's individual attention and break times. But if you are trying to cover math, reading, science, history, etc you could be at it all day!! A good way to give them exposure to the science and history is through reading lots of books that relate. It can be story time for everyone (almost!!)
Also, life is lived in stages. You are in an extremely busy stage with all your kids being young. Hang on!! It gets easier! (I bet you've heard that before!) Though we don't have as many kids, I have had some of the same struggles, and friends who have more kids say the same thing. Sooo, perhaps you do need to relax, I don't know, but I hope this helps you feel encouraged.

Posted: Sat Feb 24, 2007 8:46 pm
by boysnberry
Thank you to both reply's. We actually took this week off because I could feel the stress starting to mount and needed a breather.
Replying to momo3boys, it seems that when I do give them a break, it's like rounding up a bunch of wild horses to get started again so I try to just get it all done in the morning but....that's not working because being kids but mostly being boys, having them work with no break is asking for trouble. I just feel like I lose thier attention and it's SO hard to get it back.
Replying to su, I've realized that at this stage we can ONLY cover math, reading and vocab but of course I'm always worried I'm not giving them enough. I used to try to fit it all in but that was a circus! I think I do realize that it will eventually fall into place and (hopefully) it will get easier but until then...YIKES! Some days can be fatal!! :lol:

Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2007 10:33 am
by Ramona
I have 6 kids and 1 on the way, but they are not as close together or as young as yours and only 2 of mine are boys. :wink:

I have attended several workshops on homeschooling in large families and some helpful advice was to start your day by feeding Mom's soul; to have some group lessons instead of always having each child work at his own grade-level; and to divide the family into smaller groups for some activities.


Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2012 12:33 am
by tiffers
Romona's said what I was thinking. I only have two girls (3 and 4.5) so I have no clue what its like to hs a group of kids that r different ages but I was thinking maybe u could do the group work such as storytime and science together and then split up the kids into smaller groups to do their own work. Small kids r usually just as into science as the older kids So u can have the younger ones pour and stir and the older kids can write about what they learned.

For example, we do our group stuff together and even tho their assignments r different I still keep them together Bc they r close in age. If we do math ill have my oldests do a worksheet and give the youngest some colored blocks to sort and count. That way I can help them both but still give my oldest more help while the youngest is kept busy. When we practice writting, I use a highlighter and draw lines or shapes for her to trace while I'm working with my oldest.

Maybe then instead of doing it all day u can teach them in 2 or 3 groups or even one big group just giving the kids your not working with at the moment puzzles or. playdough to do and then alternate them. That way they r not running around being silly and not wanting to get back to work. Hope that helps some....even tho I just realized its been awhile since u made this post. ;)