My "Dream Home school day"-new hs mom of 4!:-)

Describe your average homeschool day and give new homeschoolers an idea of what to expect!

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My "Dream Home school day"-new hs mom of 4!:-)

Postby wendi.t.momof4 » Thu Aug 31, 2006 6:24 pm

:D Hi everyone!
This will be my first year home schooling. Even though I'm certified to teach, this will still be a great challenge for me! But for me, as a Christian, I know if I keep in touch with Jesus, He'll lead me.
Well, I tend to be a perfectionist so
this is my "dream hs day"

9am devotions; Read Bible and/or missionary story book and no one moves for a half hour! :wink: Then we sing and all my kids actually participate, including my 14 yo ADD son-and they enjoy learning hymns!

9;45 or so, some how I am able to take turns giving assignments to my two oldest while my younger ones wait patiently. Then we take turns doing reading, Writing and 'rithmetic. Maybe we'll do some lessons outdoors so my youngest ADD and oldest ADD can move while they learn! :lol: I really still am not sure how I'm going to do this but I've done lots of pre-testing and have written the lesson plans for day one.

12:00 or around there, break for lunch. Yeah!

1:00 do chores so we can have recess! Great incentive right?

2:00 or so History, or Science lesson ala "Charlotte Mason" approach; I read them a little at a time, while they narrate back to me what we learned.
OR depending on the day, go for a Nature Walk and draw pictures in Nature Journal, or sit at table and paint, draw, etc. to our heart's content!Like I friend I met here said, I think I'll do like Laura Ingalls and just be one lesson ahead of my students. I just hate erasing lesson plans in my little hs lesson plan book don't you? :lol:
So, those are my plans. To be honest, I've already been sneaking in hs lessons and my kids don't even know it! haha! :wink:
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Re: My "Dream Home school day"-new hs mom of 4!:-)

Postby Ramona » Thu Aug 31, 2006 10:10 pm

Hey, Wendi!

May I offer a suggestion?

wendi.t.momof4 wrote:9;45 or so, some how I am able to take turns giving assignments to my two oldest while my younger ones wait patiently.

When I started homeschooling I had 2 beginners and an infant. I would have one child do a lesson with me for 5 minutes to an hour while the other played with the baby. Then we'd switch.

As time has gone by and our family has grown we have modified this in whatever ways worked at the time.

When we had a 4th baby, one older child would work with me while one worked independently and the third played with the baby, and we'd rotate every time I finished one subject with one child.


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Postby love2bastayathomemom » Mon Sep 04, 2006 10:10 pm

I enjoyed reading your new daily schedule. It would be similar to what I would possibly choose when I officially begin HS. My oldest is 4 1/2. Good luck with it!

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Postby MaryC » Sun Sep 10, 2006 3:06 pm

Hi, Did you start hs yet? How is your schedule working out? It is good to have a guide to follow. I have modified our schedule abit.
We start our day walking the dog (gets our blood flowing and gets the dog tired) We come home, have a prayer and beging LA, this can be as early as 9 but no later than 10........we have lunch about 12........then do some math-- then free time for 1/2 hour or so. Depending on how much we accomplished we either finish or move on to science or reading.
I am always looking for ways to improve our time.

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REALITY CHECK;how our days really are going:-)

Postby wendi.t.momof4 » Thu Sep 14, 2006 8:00 pm

:DThanks for the tips and responses. I will try the rotating, Ramona, thanks. :)
Well, here is an update on our typical day: By the time our 4 kids get up and get breakfast it's closer to 9:30 or 10:00.
around 9:30 or 10 am--If they're up around and ready the same time, we have devotions first. I usually read to them and we sing something fun or I play piano and they sing along. Then they take turns praying. I felt the Lord led me to enjoy devotions with them.

After devotions, around 10 or 10:30 I do phonics flashcards and dictation using wipe boards-YEAH FOR WIPE BOARDS :!: -with my 2nd and 4th grader while my 6th and 8th grader look up vocabulary words or do their daily reading. Then I dictate vocabulary words and flashcards with my older 2 while the other ones take turns reading on dad's lap then narrate back to him like the Charlotte Mason method suggests.

around 11 or so snack and break. :roll:

11:30 or so I take turns working with my children on Math then assign them something independently. I also take turns with them on their handwriting practice-we're using the Spencerian method and they love it!

Our school day of the basics-Reading, Writing, and Math- is usually over around 1 pm then we eat lunch. I haven't formally planned anything for the afternoons but we do read "The Light and the Glory-for children" sometimes for history and sometimes we go on nature walks. We might do cooking, or art, or whatever they want. I am NOT stressing about the afternoons-hey, that was preaching to myself. :lol:

I'm still adjusting daily and trying to have fun. To be honest, I am quite tired by 1 pm if I work too much one-on-one with each of my kids so I'm learning to ask oldest, smart girl to help more and hubby. Like I said, I try to get up early and pray and have my own quiet time with Jesus and my day goes pretty well and we all learn and have fun. Oftentimes, He leads me and I'm usually just "one lesson ahead of my" kids, like Laura Ingalls. :wink:
Like so many other hs parents, I wish I had done this sooner; oh well, I guess I just wasn't ready.
It sure is nice to have the kids get enough sleep and not have to catch the bus at 6:20 am! :)

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Postby ontheprairie » Tue Aug 12, 2008 9:54 pm

I have always wanted to homeschool and this year we are finally doing it. Now - I'm scared. Since it is our first year and I have k5, 4th, and 5th grader we decided to do the oldest two with A Beka DVD and the youngest traditional. We also choose the accredited path so that we could prove to all doubters that our kids truly are getting an education. Got the curriculum yesterday and they have scheduled the school day from 8:30 - 2pm. I am a scheduling person and enjoy things organized but really thought homeschool would take less time than that. I also have a little one in the house - will I be tiring out my school kids. Any suggestions?

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Postby 4given » Wed Aug 13, 2008 5:28 am

ontheprairie wrote:- will I be tiring out my school kids. Any suggestions?

IMO, yes. Keep in mind that I used ABeka for K4-1st grades (years ago). I wish I had known then what I "think" I know now. Don't feel obligated to do EVERY single thing that ABeka has listed for each lesson. My oldest son is a very wiggly boy. Back then, I hadn't heard a thing about different learning styles. Most days ended with tears. He just wasn't ready for all that seatwork! Thankfully he survived but I can't help wondering if it effected his confidence.

I do think ABeka is a great program, though. Just decide for yourself if some of the "fluff" can be cast aside.


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Postby Minniewannabe » Wed Aug 13, 2008 7:03 am


It's all a trade off. Since you have chosen the CD A beka, your kids will be spending a little more time at schooling. The good news is that it takes much less of your time so you'll have more time with the little ones.

Yes, your kids could spend much less time if you chose A beka tradiitional for all your kids. But then, YOUR morning would be crazy busy. And really, it's already going to be crazy busy with the K5 and the little one.

You've bought a terrific program for all your kids. Don't count the first few months while everyone is getting adjusted. But in a few months, really notice how each child is handling the method of learning you've chosen. Then next year you can adjust accordingly. For example, since A beka's reputation is more advanced than other curriculum, you might be able to combine the 4th and 5th grader into the same grade. Ouch, that might not go over well with them, but it sure could make your life easier. Also, check out since they have the A beka labs for science. Then you won't be making trips to the store every week looking for all the experiment supplies.

Good luck! It will be quite a challenge for you, but by Christmas you'll probably be wondering why you haven't done this all along.

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