A day at my place

Describe your average homeschool day and give new homeschoolers an idea of what to expect!

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A day at my place

Postby Josh » Sat Jul 29, 2006 11:55 am

My day is very unstructured. I get out of bed fairly early (7-8) and get dressed and help out around the house (we take care of elderly people so there are ten of us in this house) after breakfast and everything I start school (10 or 11) and work till about noon when lunch starts. After lunch I finish up my work and then I can do whatever else needs to be done. Errands around town, hanging out with friends, reading, watching movies/tv and playing games.

I don't do my work in any particular order just whatever I feel like doing at the time-no schedule.

In terms of extra curricular activities I enjoy computers and photography also and we do alot of activities around town. Church weekly and I work.

My younger brothers day (he's 14) is basically like mine but he recieves alot more attention from mom and dad because he isn't quite as self motivated. He'd much rather watch history channel or something else (he learns alot on his own but doesn't like doing schoolwork)
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