A day at my house (from my childhood)

Describe your average homeschool day and give new homeschoolers an idea of what to expect!

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A day at my house (from my childhood)

Postby Tabz » Tue Jul 18, 2006 10:55 am

My mother actually wrote a funnier version of this for a play that they did at my graduation ceremony.... this is when I was in highschool (my sister is 5 years younger):

but a typical day found me getting out of bed and getting cereal and being in our "school room" (which was half of the garage that we finished off to a room). I was basically a self-starter (once I learned to read) so I'd begin working. My mother would come in later to start her devotions, reading three chapters, journaling about what she read and journaling about the day before. Sometime around 9:30 (we were supposed to start at 9) my sister would come in with breakfast and eat and browse through what she had to do that day.

I tried a lot of days to do the harder things first so it motivated me to get through them to get to the subjects I loved, but it never really worked out that way. I always read more in my english books and saved math for last ('cuz I hated it).

During that time my mom would grade anything I had finished, but mostly she helped my sister with her work (my sister wasn't as self-starting as I was). Around 11 my father, a pastor who worked across the street in the church office, would come by and ask what we were having for lunch, my mom would decide and either my sister or I (or both) would make it. I'd finish (depending on my motivation or lack thereof) around 1 or 2pm (after lunch), my sister finishing before or after me (depending on her motivation or lack thereof). During our schooling my mom would go back into the house to do laundry. She'd write out a list of things she wanted us to do for chores (dust, vaccum, etc.) and we'd do that after school. Then we'd be free to do as we wanted till it was time to do dinner.

We were allowed an hour of personal tv time, and usually after dinner we'd watch tv with our parents till bed (or play board games). If we were watching tv, we also liked to do something (I did cross stitching, my sister usually had some kind of craft project) and then bed at 9pm. That is, unless it was Wednesday and we were at Awana!

So, for those parents who are in the middle of younger children, I can say - it does get a bit calmer when they get older ;).

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