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Welcome to A Day at Our House!

Posted: Fri Jun 16, 2006 11:44 am
by Theodore
Welcome to A Day at Our House!

Describe your average homeschool day so new homeschoolers can see how you arrange your schedule, manage extracurriculars, etc. Photos are bonus - you can display them in your post by using the BBCode image tag (assuming you have your photos hosted on another site).

The best diaries may even be printed in our magazine Practical Homeschooling! If you'd prefer mailing a copy of your diary rather than posting it here (perhaps you have accompanying photos but don't own an image scanner...), here's the text from PHS:


[i]Send Us Your Diary!

Do you have a nice family photo . . . or at least a nice one of the kids doing something homeschool-y? Do you have a spare hour or so to write a “Day at Our Houseâ€