Our typical life with one son

Describe your average homeschool day and give new homeschoolers an idea of what to expect!

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Our typical life with one son

Postby joann46 » Sat Sep 11, 2010 4:21 pm

I have four sons but three are done with schooling and two are living in their own homes now.
So its just the 9yo that I currently homeschool.
We do lessons after lunch.Ive found much less tears and more cooperation from him at this time.I prefer mornings but this just works better for him.He either plays computer games or we walk the dogs in the mornings.I get most my chores done as well.
Math is always first.We do a quick speed drill, he loves these. Then horizons math 3..Sometimes can take an hour, not his best subject.
Then we do LA..Language for the Well Trained Mind level 3. He likes this and it only takes us at most 30 minutes.Probably should have bought level 4 but we are stuck with it now and he is learning enough.
Then Science, either we do Chemistry 4 Kids or he reads out of a PS textbook that he loves. Can take anywhere from 30 min to an hour and a half.
He does cursive 2 or 3 times a week, his handwriting is finally improving this year.
I read aloud after that.Usually a historical fiction for 30 min to an hour.
Thats about it, we are pretty relaxed and will do other things that are educational as we find them.He reads every night before bed.Reading is his favorite thing to do and I have trouble keeping him in books.I usually dont require reading, I suggest books though and he will usually give it a go.
He also plays guitar on a the most basic of levels but can pick out a recognizable tune now and again.His brother is giving him lessons.
We will be playing around with learning spanish this next week and see how that goes.Should be fun.
Outside activities include Boy scouts, he will be a Webelo this year, and he does HAM radio with his dad.He got his HAM license this last year and is in a local club.We are considering doing 4H as well but havent quite commited to it yet.
Of course there is so much more that he does each day.Feed animals, do chores, play with pets and with friends etc.Couldnt put it all down and much of it is just as educational as the textbooks.

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Postby Sasha2 » Fri Jun 28, 2013 2:47 pm

Wow this was posted by me..I couldnt find my old login so reregistered.
Alot has happened since this post.My son is now 12.He went to public school last year for 6th grade(considered middle school here).
He loved it, but it was stressful for him as he is a perfectionist.
That being said he was on the Principals honor roll with straight A's all the way through.
And we hardly did anything when we homeschooled.Very relaxed, couple hours a day type thing.He topped out on those yearly state tests too.So whatever we were doing it worked..

This year he will be in 7th but doesnt want to go back to public school.He says its fun but more fun at home.Also all everyone cares about is sports and he is not athletic in any way.I dont mind, its been great having a year off but do miss homeschooling.

I do worry about his social life.4H is boring boring boring.They sit around a table and one or two kids talk.Not much socializing going on at all.
The only other option is Scouts and he quit that recently because again, they didnt do anything but sit around a table and talk.
So not sure how we will get this boy socialized.He hangs out with his brothers alot.And he plays with the neighborhood kids.I hope thats enough for now.Small towns just dont offer much.

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