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Abeka Trad.Schedule-Seasoned Abeka Moms- Add new baby to mix

Posted: Tue Jun 04, 2013 2:50 pm
by Klhoward42
We just finished up Abeka Kindergarten!! Yay, and now onto 1st Grade!! I was wondering if any other Abeka traditional homeschoolers, could help out!!

I was so excited to begin planning for 1st grade and have ordered my curriculum and am reorganizing my room!!! Knowing with a 1st grader, and an 18 month old boy "my explorer" scheduling and consistency would be key next year!! Then we found out we are expecting a new little one in January!! Suddenly I went into panic mode!!! How am I going to do Abeka 1st grade with 2 little ones!! Anyway enough backstory :)

So I have several questions!! First off I really like Abeka,I like the structure and feel very comfortable with it!! I know the benefits and that is what we have chosen for our family!!
So question number one- any tips on juggling toddlers, newborns and 1st grade??? I have recently found the work box idea and will start that to keep my daughter on task and working independently when she can!! But how do you structure your day?? We did maybe 1 1/2 to 2 hours a day for Kindergarten!! I know 1st grade will be more time consuming!!

Question 2- can I do a 4 day school week with Abeka,or is it better to stick to 5 day school week!!

Last Question- Any Tips on preparing and scheduling for when the new baby arrives?? I know my daughter does so much better when we keep consistent with school!! I am so afraid the new little one will throw us off our routine and I don't want her to suffer!! Just trying to plan some things that will help!!

Posted: Sun Jun 23, 2013 5:50 pm
by Theodore
Go year-round and as many days per week as possible, that way you have less to do per day. If you miss a few weeks due to pregnancy, it isn't the end of the world - homeschooling isn't public schooling, and you aren't locked to the semester schedule. Children who are late getting started and don't really get going until 8 or 10 are still doing fine by the end of high school, so I doubt you are going to doom your children if you miss some time here and there.