For A Beka Academy Online Users: How do you organize room?

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For A Beka Academy Online Users: How do you organize room?

Postby Kiwi Green » Mon Apr 08, 2013 9:54 pm

Please forgive the bomb shell of questions below. YOU DO NOT have to answer every single one of them. I just want throw out every possible question I have right now- to get your brains thinking - and maybe - make u remember a neat tibit to tell me. : ) Please just answer one or anything. Thank you!

1) To you who use the Academy, please give me any advise on how you organize: your stuff, kids stuff, what type of desk (one that can be lowered or raised to grow with kid - do you know if/where they sell those desks?), what type of computer? Do you use a lap top and have it connected to a larger computer monitor? Do you just use a lap top at a desk? Do you block access to everything on the lap top - so that kiddo can't play PBS kid games? What age do you start using head sets with computer?

My organization so far: My room is an extra bedroom. I have the A Beka alphabet up on wall; I have a white board up (will I use it?), I have large monthly calendar up on wall to see what we are doing at a glance (more for me- obviously). I have shelves up and have supplies organized - that is about it. I have no materials yet. Should
Do you use work box system or a folder system to sort their A Beka Academy stuff? Does A Beka tell you how to organize all of this? Again, what do you do?

2) Advise on using A Beka Academy successfully with active boy? I am imagining I will sit with my Kinder boy for the first year for the whole time? To make sure he is doing work? Taking seriously? To battle frustration, would u suggest setting a 15 min timer - telling him when it goes off to pause or finish work sheet - and then go outside for 10 min? (I am just thinking this might work?)

Do you use positive reinforcement charts like "if you finish well this week, you get..." to encourage kiddo to be attentive?

I am assuming the worst possible situation - so that I can prepare for success. So - lets just assume my Kinder boy is pretty typical with lots of ants in his you have tips for handling this? Anything will be appreciated!

We are scheduled to start at end of April.

Please. Please. Please. Throw me a bone - I beg. Gimme anything you got. I am not a girl that has to learn the hard way. Ha! I will copy those who are successful! Without shame! : )

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