Monday/Friday in a classical-eclectic 4th grade

Describe your average homeschool day and give new homeschoolers an idea of what to expect!

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Monday/Friday in a classical-eclectic 4th grade

Postby Lily » Tue Sep 09, 2008 10:36 am

8am - I get up to the sound of coffee brewing. Ds(9) is already at work in his first hour, reading his library book. After that he moves on to a science chart of the life kingdoms and plays a matching game he devised.

9am - now that I'm fully awake we start our day with a run. We're building up to the presidential fitness challenge, but since it's the beginning of the year we go easy: today is 1 pushup, 1 sit up, various stretches and a 10 minute run. We almost make it down to the beach (about 1.5 miles) before we stop and turn to walk back. The walk is almost better than the run. It gives us a chance to talk about various things and admire the view.

10am - I take a shower after ds is done. He works on a math sheet that we go over together when I get out. I then help him correct his penpal letter and write a new draft.

11am - science time! The history of the microscope. We made a waterscope and compared the same image under all three scopes we have - the waterscope, pocket microscope, and an eyeclops.

12pm - Lunch. I make flashcards from language class and we test each other on them over the meal.

1pm - found out ds had done his history lesson during the weekend, so we played a game instead and went over what happened and why.

2pm - go babysit. Ds writes in his journal and takes off to play.
8am - wake up, have a cup of coffee. Ds builds a model of DaVinci's flying man on his own. We skip the run since it's raining out.

9am - play Cathedral. I win a few, he wins one. We decide to make lemon squares using the Math Chef book. Surprisingly they turn out pretty good, but a quick check of area lets him know the 'bigger' square he took is not bigger at all! Mine is! A second lemon square makes up for it. :wink:

11am - Comprehension detective time! 5 minutes and it's done. We are going to the library in the afternoon so we decide to have lunch in the living room and watch the movie he checked out last week.

1pm - Library! I pick up a few historical books to supplement the coming week, he gets 2 chapter books and the Bridge to Terabithia movie. We had to hurry because the rain wasn't stopping for long. Our afternoon tree walk was also canceled because of how nasty it got.

2pm - write to penpal, journal to self.
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Postby chris1999 » Sun Jan 02, 2011 2:19 pm

sounds like a full day!

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