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Describe your average homeschool day and give new homeschoolers an idea of what to expect!

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Postby ArkansasHomeschooler » Sun Mar 23, 2008 9:58 pm

Last year (5th grade) we did some subjects daily, others Tuesday/Thursday or Monday/Wednesday/Friday.

Our daily subjects were math, reading and spelling. M-W-F we did language arts and Bible. T-Th we did science and Arkansas history. This worked very well for us. We do not use this type of schedule now, because we are using Switched-On Schoolhouse. I had a baby in November and SOS has been a God-send.


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45 minute "periods"

Postby stackeyha » Mon Mar 24, 2008 6:32 am

I don't think that you are covering TOO much per se...but what did stick out to me is your 45 minute class periods.

I have a 3rd grader (8yo), a K-4 (she WOULD be in kindergarten in the fall, just turned 5) and a pre-k (3 in June).

What I have found with this set, is it really doesn't TAKE 45 minutes to do anything unless someone has decided to be stubborn. And for myself, I really want to KEEP the lessons to 10-20 minutes TOTAL...or they start slowing down, feeling like they can never finish.

My 8 year old (remember 3rd grade), does memory work, geography, spelling, reading and listening to me read-aloud, math, latin, science, history, handwriting, narration, and sometimes latin.

My 5 year old (not quite kindergarten) does memory work, geography, reading and listening to me read-aloud, science, handwriting and math.

My 2 year old does memory work, geography, listening to me read aloud, counting, letter sounds, science and coloring/drawing.

But it just flows from our day...

My oldest and I are early risers, so I get her up about 7:15 and we do bible and have some wonderful story that I'm reading aloud to her, then science, latin and history early...but those aren't every day...actually we usually do history on Monday and Tuesday, Science on Wednesday and Thursday and Latin fits in Wednesday and Thursday, Friday is a sleeping in day. This goes to about 8 am when I need to get Daddy's lunch and everybody's breakfast ready. 8-9ish is getting ready for the day and morning chores for all.

Then after breakfast chores the little girls have joined us at the table by about 9-9:30...I'd like to start a little sooner...but it's a process.

9:15 ish I read and have them recite their memory verse 5 times.

9:30-10 ish we ALL do geography...sometimes it's 10 minutes if we've already mapped and are just reciting...sometimes is all 30 minutes while we are coloring and figuring out the map...sometimes it's 30 minutes because they've decided to recite to me like I'm an audience and they need a few minutes of rehearsal with the chop stick pointer on the big map.

10-10:20 I spend time with my oldest going over her list of independant work...(in first grade this list included handwriting, her counting sheet and sometimes a few spelling words 5 times each or copying a letter that she had dictated)...Nowadays it includes her grammar lesson and corrections, her reading assignment, her narration assignment, her study cards (math and spelling), her handwriting and her math and corrections. This time shrinks and stretches depending on the day...on Monday it can last 30 minutes if there is a difficult grammar lesson to deal with. Tuesday is our first day of Math in a week, so I try to keep everything else short so we can really understand our math lesson before I turn her loose.

The little girls have been playing together quietly during this time...they have designated toys and books and entertain each other pretty well.

By about 10:30 my oldest is ready for some independant work and I call the little girls to the couch with their Mini offices. A mini office is simply a file folder with stuff I want to remember to teach them, stuck to it and laminated.

My 5 yo sits next to me with her library books and I pull 2 yo onto my lap with her minioffice...we go over her name, address, phone number and birthday, colors, shapes, counting to 10, even and odd numbers, and ABCs and specific sound for the day. It takes approximately 5-7 minutes...then SHE sits next to me with HER library books.

My 5yo mini office includes, her name, address, phone number birthday, numbers to 100, even and odd numbers, short and long vowels, 12 site words, money and ABCs with specific sounds and words highlighted. We also go over the days of the week and the months of the year. (takes about 5-7 minutes)

Now it is story time for the little girls...this lasts for about 30 minutes. It's now about 11:15-11:30. During this time my 8yo has usually finished her handwriting, her flash cards (she goes through them 3 times) and some of her spelling. Now she puts her things away so that we will be able to eat lunch and takes the 2yo in the other room or outside to play for awhile.

11:30 I do a reading lesson with my 5yo...(we are using 100 EZ lessons)...this takes approximately 10 minutes, a handwriting lesson (using get ready for the code(5 minutes)) and from Tuesday - Thursday a math lesson (MUS primer, usually 1 page (5ish minutes)...then I send her out to play.

Now it's closing in on noon...the girls are playing in or out depending on the weather...lunch usually takes me about 30-45 minutes to get on to the table. Time for lunch. During lunch we usually listen to or watch something educational...we like cooking shows, quilting shows, listen to books on tape...things like that.

We are usually done with the meal and clean up by about 1:15...2 days a week we do science experiments from 1:15 until we are done...any where from 5-30 minutes...this is the little girl science (they ALL love it)...then clean up. Then whatever time is left until 2...they all play.

2 pm is quiet time...the little girls either nap or play quietly on their beds...from 2-3 my oldest finishes up all her independant work and is done for the day.

Friday is test and activity day...for my oldest...she takes her spelling and math test and we do science experiments and history activities or our homeschool co-op or various field trips.

Although my 3rd graders school does LAST all day...if you really COUNT the time spent on actual academics, it's more like about 4 hours...she has a lot of time to play, cook with me, do chores, relax, run hard...whatever.

This schedule keeps things changing for all of us, so we don't slack off on some of the important things AND we don't burn out.

Anyway, HTH

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Postby Jorie_R » Wed Jun 13, 2012 8:13 pm

After reading all of your guys schedules I think ours is crazy.

5:30- I get up write out a daily list of things that goes on.
6-I read till I hear my god daughter and her mom get up usually between 6:30 and 6:45.
7- we start breakfast and read from whichever book we are doing a study on.
7:30- we eat do the calander, weather chart, go over the list I wrote that morning.
8- Ma(my god child and her mother asked me to just use nicknames. Ma is her mother and she'll be Net.) leaves for work. Net and I play memory or wii sport or some game like that.
9- Math
9:30- Writing
10- Art(Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday) or Music(Tuesday, and Thursday)
10:30- Languages, we do French, Latin, Spanish, and sign language
11- break time to play on the computer
Noon- we start lunch and more often then not eat outside
12:30- go to the park
1:30- come home do science or history (interchanges on art and music schedule)
2- chores
3- grocery store or library
4- Ma comes home and we have a snack and talk about our day
4:30- movies and games
5- journal, or reading hour
5:30- start dinner
6- eat dinner
6:30- gaming time (all of us are very big gamers and our living room minus Ma's desk proves that)
8- showers
8:30- bedtime story
9- lights off for Nett
10-light off for Ma and I

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Postby NicoleMPratt » Mon Aug 06, 2012 10:43 am

Is there such a thing as a typical day?? Anyhow, our days look something like this...

7:00 Girls get up and eat breakfast, shower, get dressed.
8:00 I leave for work and the girls are on there own working from the schedules I give them at the beginning of the year.
Math, History, English, Science... two lessons per day for half year. They have to do two subjects for the first half and two the second half, they get to choose which subjects each half. Then they will have two one lesson per day half year classes; they have to do Fine Arts, Foreign Language, Elective, and Bible. Again they get to pick which two for which half of the year. They typically finish up around 1:00
2:30 Sports at the Middle School and High School
5:30 Dinner
6:30 Go over daily work and see if there was anything they needed help with.
8:30 Bedroom time, they don't have a bed time but normally have lights out by 9:30.

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Postby Fzouki » Mon Oct 15, 2012 9:33 am

These are interesting to read! I am NOT a morning person and we don't seem to get started until 10 or sometimes 11 but in that morning time my girl plays, looks at books while I catch up on emails and things. I do freelance work so some time on the computer is a must for me.

We start at 10 or 11 and just take however long it takes for each subject, math, reading, writing, and then whatever science/music/sign language/geography it occurs to me to cover. We get around to doing them all pretty equally eventually. Each subject between 15 and 30 minutes, take breaks whenever she seems to need one. Usually done around 2. I am horrible with schedules and while she tends to be more structured by nature than I am, she goes with the flow and it works for us. I know some people work better with a schedule but I'd wreck it immediately if I tried, so we just get things done as they get done. I don't guess this would be un-schooling, would it? I do try to get in all the "Three R's" every day but I guess you could say we're un-schedulers. Sometimes we work from 2 to 5 in the evening, but we do get to it all and we're very peaceful about it. I am getting a little behind in days though because I have to travel for work sometimes... I see some weekend school days in our future but we'll make it fun. :)

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Postby angelap2013 » Thu Oct 10, 2013 10:38 pm

I do a similar schedule (also quite strict) and find it helpful for us. In the past, I was starting to feel rushed and pressed by the schedule and started to burn out. But I found out that it wasn't actually the schedule bothering me, but the structure of it. I tweaked it a bit, and now all grumpy feelings are gone! :) I moved their recesses around, lengthened some classes while dropping others that they can do in later years or in their "free" time. For me, that meant getting rid of "art" and "foreign language", etc. and just focus on the basic 5 of our school day: faith, language arts, math, science, geography/history. They still do the things I dropped, just on their own time in an informal setting (which works best for those subjects anyway I think). This way, I got to spend more time on less subjects, and didn't feel so stretched or rushed from one subject to the other throughout the day.

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