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A look at our day

Posted: Thu Apr 26, 2007 9:13 am
by momto4
Right now I am homeschooling the two middle boys, 6th grade and kindergarten. I don't like "schedules" per se, but we do have a very specific "routine."

My oldest is in public highschool...when I hear him get in the shower in the morning I hop up and see him off to school. I hopefully get a few quiet moments before the 2yo gets up and use these to get laundry started, empty the dishwasher, decide about dinner, etc. Then the 3 boys at home will wake, eat and dress for the day.
We meet in the dining room to start our homeschool day by 8a.m. My 6th grader will start on reading, notetaking and other assignments he can accomplish on his own while I have one-on-one with the kindergartener and 2yo. They then get a break to play or do a craft while I "teach" any new material or administer tests to the 6th grader. We go back and forth like this all morning.
We break at noon for lunch. We eat and then the children get free time to explore and play outdoors while I clean the kitchen and get other chores tended to.
If we have any errands to run we do them in the afternoon. After that the baby naps, I sneak in some exercise and start dinner, and the older boys go to outside activities and lessons or play with friends.
While we don't do any formal lessons in the evenings, the 6th grader will spend time studying while dh or I read to the younger ones.