help with my schedule

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help with my schedule

Postby thecrew74 » Tue Nov 14, 2006 7:29 am

Hi Im new here and thought this would be a great place to post this question

Im wanting to make a schedule to follow and Im not sure how to go about that.
My daughters will need one on one no doubt about it except for reading aloud and playing games.
I work evenings and dad works days. I will be the one teaching the girls
My work schedule is 1:00pm - 11:00 pm so basically I have from 7:00 to 12:00 to work with both the girls 5HOURS
here's what Im thinking

7:00/7:30, dressed,breakfast
7:30 Cartoons or education videos, any suggestions???
8:00 - 8 yr old text book work such as writing, drawing, reading spelling,math etc. Im not certain what all we will have to study.
9:30/10:30- 5 yr old text bookwork writing,drawing,letters,numbers,math,sounds,spelling ect

10:30/11:00 break for cat nap or snack/w tv or playtime which ever they prefer
11:00/11:15- Mom reads aloud
11:15/11:30- 8 yr old reads aloud
11:30/11:45 8 yr old game time
11:45/12:00 5 yr old read along
12:00/12:15 5 yr old game time
12:15/1:00 lunch time
Childcare from 1:30 to 6:00 or until dad picks them up. They have access to a computer whenever they need it so I was thinking if needed they could do extra work on the computer with cd rom and it can be saved for me to check at a later time
I was thinking for activities I could do the civic centers sports such as,softball,swimming, also library story time,meet with other parents that hs, dance,church, heck thats really more than we do at the current time
so what do you think to much or not enough
I was told to start out slow is this slow enough???
thanks for the advice

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Postby Aurie » Tue Nov 14, 2006 10:17 pm

I am just finishing up my first month of homeschooling. I too have to have a schedule. But I have found that if I relax about the schedule, the day goes better, I am not stressed, the boys are less frustrated, and there are many more smiles.

I purposely plan for 'additional' activities. Since they are additional, I don't feel guilty if we don't get to them.

I try to start waking everyone around 7. It takes my middle child almost an hour to wake up. The goal is to start by 8:30 and finish up with required things by 11:30. I do the PreSchool in 30 mins a day with my daughter during lunch. We eat lunch, run a couple of errands and are back home to finish up the 'additional' activites from 1-2:30. If we have to hold over into the afternoon or if we have something else going on, fieldtrip, exhibit, house desperately needs cleaning, whatever, then we didn't miss out on anything and "I" am not stressed ;)

Start out with a schedule you are comfortable with using, but be flexible. Learning should be fun for both the learner and the teacher.

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Re: help with my schedule

Postby Ramona » Tue Nov 21, 2006 7:48 am

It looks like a fairly heavy schedule to me. I wouldn't worry about videos from 7:30-8. My kids do much better when they haven't seen anything on-screen before their schoolwork in the morning (not to mention before trying to get along with each other and us all day).

An hour and a half seems like a long time for an 8-y-o to do bookwork with no break. An hour seems like a very long time for a 5-y-o. I would switch back and forth between the two of them each time one finishes doing a particular subject. This would also keep the one who's not doing bookwork from feeling abandoned by mom for such a long time.

I would also reduce the total time for each of them. We don't do things by times, but by lessons. Some days a lesson might actually take 45 minutes, but most lessons are only 10-15 minutes.

I would enforce playing (outdoors if possible) along with the snack/nap during the mid-morning break. TV would not be an option.

This sounds like a full-throttle school day. If you're wanting to start slow, I'd say scale this way back and work up to what I've suggested.

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Postby Lenethren » Tue Nov 21, 2006 2:14 pm

For my kids and I, we decide the night before on what we'd like to complete. Like Ramona, we do things by lessons not time. Then we feel more of a sense of accomplishment.

Unless its a video that directly applies to what we are studying then I leave the TV off. My kids tend to get whiny if I give them TV time. So I save that as an occasional treat usually closer to bedtime.

For reading out loud we do that together too. The kids enjoy listening no matter who is reading or what book it is. Especially after a trip to the library. They can't wait for us all to get comfy and do some reading from a new book.
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RE: Help with my schedule

Postby megomama » Wed Nov 22, 2006 11:17 am

I have been homeschooling three kids for 4 years and completely understand the frustrations with trying to figure out how to schedule your day. I should definitely say I agree 100% with keeping TV off. I unplug my TV the night before so that anyone who gets up before I do will not be watching TV. The kids can't focus when they've been watching TV and they whine and complain a lot more.

Now on to scheduling. I like to plan a week's schedule out at a time. My oldest likes me to have her schedule written out so that she can get up in the morning and start working on things even before we begin school. I generally spend two to four hours per day on the academics. While I like to try new curriculum material every year, and my schedule seems to evolve thoughout the school year, here is what my schedule looks like right now. (It is definitely important to have a schedule and a general routine, but it is equally important to be very flexible)

I have a 9, 6, and 3 year old.

We usually don't begin school before 10:00 a.m. as this allows brains to "wake" up.

Monday's: We cover math, lang. arts., and history (and speech therapy for 6 yr. old)

Tues: Same as Monday

Wed: We take Wed. and Sunday off (my husband has an odd work schedule)

Thurs: My children attend homeschool enrichment for the day (at a local public school) They take math, science, and history (from 8:15-2:45)

Fri: They attend another half day of homeschool enrichment and take art, and Spanish. We also do a math lesson at home.

Sat: We finish up anything that we were working on during the week, plus one math lesson and speech therapy.

Now, I used to have my schedule set up with times ei: 10:00-10:15 read story, 10:15-10:45 work on math etc. but now we do school from about 10:00-1:00 and do one lesson from each subject. I don't time each lesson, we just finish it when we finish it, then move on to the next thing.

Scheduling concerns are very common. I even wrote a book that contains a collection of different specific homeschool schedules, because this is such a common frustration. The longer you homeschool, the more comfortable you will get and the more confident you will be. You just have to be patient. And please don't stress whether you are doing everything "right". As long as you are trying, you are doing great, and your kids are too. Many veteran homeschoolers agree that it takes generlaly about 2 years to get really comfortable and confident with homeschooling (I have to agree with this too). So go easy on yourself and just enjoy the journey.
Happy Homeschooling,

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