Curriculum, suggestions or comments re proposed

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Curriculum, suggestions or comments re proposed

Postby brokencipher » Wed Oct 15, 2014 4:15 pm

I'm thinking about structuring a curriculum around the goals of GED and SAT prep. GED prep would be basic and foundational, while SAT prep would reinforce GED learning and provide points of academic focus. The most obvious benefit would be superior--or at least good--performance on both tests. My sixteen-year-old daughter is responsible, self-motivated, and maintains an extraordinarily diverse social life. She also rides (horses). I note those additional facts for context. Would anyone have comments or suggestions--objections, calmly expressed, are perfectly acceptable--re such structure for a general homeschool curriculum, the chief objectives of which would be to (1) "graduate" as soon as possible, and (2) to prepare for the SAT. Thanks in advance. :)

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