two grades at once

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two grades at once

Postby kenndb55 » Tue Aug 19, 2014 7:54 am

Our last teenager will shortly be 17 and is starting 9th grade. She has struggled with reading her whole academic career. She has gone to the local school from the start (as well as two of her siblings and several other family members). She has recently decided that graduating with the peers she started with is important enough to push herself. We aren't sure where to start.
Since she has been in resources at public school due to her reading (it has improved significantly over the last year), she is not allowed to go to the "Connect" classes to help her advance. K12 wants much more money than we can afford to do the same thing (offered through the school). Her counselor at school doesn't recommend K12, but is at a loss for where to look.
The counselor suggested (but isn't sure it can be done) her starting her 9th grade in public (she has) and possibly doing the 10th grade in a homeschool enviroment.
Does anyone know if this is possible and what company might offer this type of option? We don't want to discourage the teen since she has decided she wants to catch up (this has been a discussion for almost a year). Thanks for any help!

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