Help need for finding homechooling.

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Help need for finding homechooling.

Postby Carrygold » Sun Feb 11, 2018 11:38 pm

Hello friends, I am a parent and I have a 7-year-old daughter. I am planning to homeschool her from this year as I want her to grow academically without a feeling of failure. I am confused in picking the right curriculum which one would help her for studies? Can anyone help me in choosing the best homeschooling?

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Re: Help need for finding homechooling.

Postby elliemaejune » Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:55 am

Welcome. :D

You almost can't go wrong in your choices as far as academics are concerned. The tricky thing is choosing the materials that work best for your child that you can actually teach. :-)

You will need something to teach literacy (reading/literature, spelling/vocabulary, grammar, composition, penmanship),arithmetic/math, history/geography, and science, as well as the kinds of things parents always teach their children, such as manners and good health practices.

There are many articles right here on this site that discuss all sorts of learning things. I would start with Mary Pride's articles.

To some extent, what you do will be determined by the laws in your state; you can check the requirements on this site on the forums.

Many people will tell you to figure out your child's learning styles before you start doing anything. I disagree. Some children are not that easy to pigeonhole in a specific learning style. Also, *you* have a teaching style. It will take some time for you and your child to figure out what works for you and her.

Many people will tell you to figure out a Method--classical, unit studies, Charlotte Mason, and so on. I disagree. You'll figure that out as you go along. Reading about the different methods and philosophies of education will help you, but you don't have to decide right away.

If you can go to a homeschool convention, that would be good. There should be workshops, and you should try to attend some of those. There should be an exhibit hall; go in there and look at everything. Hold stuff in your hands and read every page, and imagine yourself teaching and your child learning. Sometimes it's best not to buy right then, but to take all the catalogs and brochures home and read them again, and then order on-line.

And be sure to look for local homeschoolers. A good support group is a wonderful thing.
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