NY state Regents exams

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NY state Regents exams

Postby twistedmaples » Tue Mar 31, 2009 5:13 pm

OK - so one of the reasons I started homeschooling my 2 kids is that I DO NOT believe in the massive amounts of testing that NY has gotten into lately. However, I'm thinking that we could use the Regents exams to our benefit.

My 13 yr old daughter is taking Algebra this year and is planning on taking the Regents in June. We figure that would be the easiest way for her to "prove" that she took the course, get official credit and it will look good on a college resume.

Her case is a little unusual: I was (and would still be) her math teacher in our town's public school if I hadn't resigned and pulled the girls out of school.

Any opinions out there about homeschoolers taking Regents to get High School credit for college-bound transcripts?

Beth L

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