Working ahead in certain subjects and not others

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Working ahead in certain subjects and not others

Postby phoenix31 » Wed Nov 04, 2015 2:36 pm

I am not sure where to post this question, but hopefully it's in the right place.

My son is in elementary school and I am not certain how long I will homeschool him, but if he ends up homeschooling through high school, I think it's important to have a well-developed plan so we don't end up with problems later.

Because of individualized attention to study combined with a certain amount of study hours required, I've noticed that it's very easy for homeschooled students to work ahead in grade levels.

What happens if a student is one or two years ahead in some subjects and on a normal track with others? If he/she is not taking more advanced classes at a community college in conjunction with the on-track high school subjects, what happens to the time and credit requirements for high school? Can the student just finish the few subjects that are left during a normal school year without having to report the full amount of time and subjects that are normally required?

If my son continues homeschooling, he will probably be full school years ahead in Math, English and Science, but not in History. His history curriculum involves a lot of companion literature with the main textbook, and we like it because it helps him put the history into context and keep it interesting. However, since it involves so much extra literature, it moves along slowly and would be difficult to expedite. I don't want to switch to another curriculum simply for the sake of moving ahead a grade level quickly, since learning is the overall objective.

If History ends up being his only subject at traditional grade level, it seems like it would be difficult to make up for all the other subjects at community college during high school, especially since he would be eligible for financial aid and could attend full time if all of his high school subjects were finished.

I'm wondering if I need to have him do the history throughout summers so he is at the same grade level in all of his subjects by the time he is ready to graduate. I'm unfamiliar with how these things work, and would appreciate any information or opinions.

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