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Curriculum for a 9th grader changing in mid stream?

Posted: Wed Dec 26, 2007 10:47 am
by Cathy
AS a former HS parent, my brother asked ME to do some research as he works very long hours. Here is the scenario: His daughter was always an A student until about a year and a half ago. She became very ill and was diagnosed with cystinurea, an incurable disease. She misses lots of school due to pain, but not like weeks in a row. In addition, the doctors think she may be suffereing from depression over the disease and missing more than necessary, perhaps exagerrating some of the pain. She is in hosp about every 6 wks. Now she wants to Homeschool (without any encouragement from me). She has pretty much blown this year anyway, so I suggested to brother that he find a school that would let him purchase ONE course, and also provide either computer or telephone assistance to the girl, as her mother feels very inadequate to try and teach her. In addition, the girl has developed a bad attitude toward Mom because Mom is the one who tries to get her to take meds, drink two gallons of water a day, and get up and go to school when she does not feel well.

My thoughts are that if the girl really wants to Homeschool she should have to sort of "prove" herself by completeing one course in a timely manner. She is brilliant and talented, but really is not dealing with the disease or life in general well at all right now. Has lost interest in everything.

I have lost touch with secondary curriculums. Who can suggest one that would not be prohibitevely expensive (maybe under $500) and would allow one to enroll in only one course that could be completed at an advanced pace and would provide teacher assistance by computer or phone as needed?

Posted: Wed Dec 26, 2007 11:14 am
by Lily
What kind of course are you looking for? I do know that Math U See offers curriculum up through high school, and can be self teaching when the child uses the dvd that comes with it. In addition, they have a forum on their site that the founder is very active on.

I'm not too familiar with computer based programs, but this might be a good way to integrate her back into schooling.

I think, though, that whatever you look at, the same options should be presented to her. Maybe if she feels more involved instead of being told to do this or that, she'll be more interested - and see the relevance to real life.

Curriculum for a 9th grader changing in mid stream?

Posted: Wed Dec 26, 2007 12:36 pm
by Cathy
Oh, definitely, but I want her parents to find some options they are comfortable with first, then give her choices. If they want her to search along with them, that is even better, but, with her attitude and age, if she starts looking on her own, the first things she sees with bells and whistles that is very expensive is what she will want and won't listen to anything else.

I looked at Keystone and it looks pretty good, plus which they have a creative writing course, which niece is into big time. I think she might really like it and be more motivated to do the work. Pluse they will give her help by computer or phone as needed and let her complete the course as rapidly as she wished. There are likely others, too.

I am talking only to parents about this because I do not want it to look like it is me and niece AGAINST parents. I don't think that is wise or right.

Re: Curriculum for a 9th Grader Changing in Mid Stream

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2008 7:33 pm
by tsmama24

I have written an article on the web comparing and contrasting online high school homeschool curricula. Quite a few are within the budget you refer to. You can check the article outif you are interested in seeing what is out there.

The high school curricula that we use for our oldest son is wonderful. It is called 3DLearn, and is very self directed with real-time online help from the teachers. It is somewhat geared toward students with at least a moderate knowledge of computers, because almost all of the work is done online. Anyway, it can be taken by the course, or full time. The website is Good luck finding what you are looking for!

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2008 9:15 pm
by bruisin
I just wanted to add that you all are in our prayers!

Curriculum for a 9th grader changing in mid stream?

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2008 10:08 pm
by Cathy
Thank you everyone for all your help and prayers. At this point, I need to get prepared with a list of possibilities, make myself somewhat familiar with them and sit down with Mom and Dad(brother). Niece had to have another surgury last week ant the pediatric Dr said he has to hand her over to an adult specialist as he has never seen anyone as bad as her. They must get into counseling with her(hopefully Christian) and try to get involved with a support group. With this last surgery, it took 5 hrs instead of the normal 45 minutes as, in addition to both kidneys being full of stones, her urethra had crystals stuck all over it and in it like a coral reef froming and they like to never got it scraped off. Wihtout her taking responsibility for doing her share I don't know how she will even live through this and she is also slowly killing her parents. They feel so terrible as DNA testing showed they each had an unusual chromosome which, when combined, sets the stage for this disease, so they are guilt ridden. I appreciate all the prayers everyone can lift up. This child can not coninue going to a public school classroom.