Marksmanship and Heritage, Dulzura, CA Oct31-Nov1 2009

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Marksmanship and Heritage, Dulzura, CA Oct31-Nov1 2009

Postby Francis Marion » Wed Aug 12, 2009 4:35 pm

Appleseed invites San Diego area home schooling families to spend a weekend learning how to properly shoot rifles and talk about the American Revolution, and its impact on 18th century families. No previous shooting experience is necessary, and safety procedures will be explained at the start of the event. Throughout the day, rifles are handled under supervised, controlled conditions. Each shooting participant will need to bring a rifle, but people do not have to shoot to attend.

New England communities paid heavily to win the Liberty that we know and enjoy, such as our right to keep and bear arms. Over the course of the weekend, you'll hear their stories- of the brave young drummer boy William Diamond, and also how the industrious Barrett family daughters of Concord helped in their town's defense. We'll talk about the people, of great historical prominence and of lesser, who started our nation.

The next San Diego area event will be held at the South Bay Rod and Gun Club in Dulzura, CA on the weekend of October 31-Nov1, 2009.

Dulzura, CA event and sign-up information here:

If you don't live near San Diego, not to worry- the Appleseed Project is nationwide, and you may locate events near your family here:

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