Contests - a great way to challenge your kids

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Contests - a great way to challenge your kids

Postby merylvdm » Mon Jul 27, 2009 3:25 pm

Our homeschool group is very active when it comes to contests. We take the schools on at every opportunity and this provides great extra curricular activities for the kids. Plus an opportunity to socialize, and it gives them all so much to put on college applications.
I'd love to see more homeschool groups (and homeschool kids - some contests are for individuals) doing this. Those that do, all seem to be fairly successful, as we are.
We are the only homeschool group I know in our State that participates in Science Olympiad and the local quiz bowls. We do things like Knowledge Master ... and when I look thru the results to see what other h/school groups did it - I can find very few.
It does mean someone has to take the initiative and advertise in the homeschool group, and sign up and collect money etc (that's me in our group), but it is so worth it.
I have been playing 'coach' for 6 years now and I have written up an article on some of the contests we have done as a homeschool group or that my kids have done individually, so if I have any of you interested by now, you can get more info at

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