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Postby Jill » Mon Apr 21, 2008 9:42 am

I am new to this, and this is an old topic, but I figured I'd reply anyway.

We have done Girl Scouts, Keepers of the Faith, and 4H.

I was a Girl Scout, and so was my oldest daughter. I didn't like the emphasis they put on the cookie sales, (much more than when I was a kid) but the projects were good. Also, some of their materials were a little too "liberal" for our family.

Keepers was good, and very similar to Girl Scouts with a Christian emphasis. No selling was a bonus. Even though my girls aren't aren't in a "group" anymore, we contiune to use the book ideas for projects and you can order the badges even if you aren't in a group (if you want them.)

I am surprised no one has mentioned the public speaking aspect of 4H. I would say this is one of the best reasons to be involved. Also, community service seems to be "pushed" more than in the other two groups.

You don't have to be in a "club" to participate - you can be a "member at large" and still work on projects and speeches and enter their competitions (for 9 years and up). The other commentator was correct. It's not all animals anymore.

I would say the difference between 4H and Girl Scouts is that GS is very structured and badge oriented whereas, 4H is more flexible. Anything that your kids are interested in doing 4H will find a way to give them an outlet for it.

Very true. This is good, and at the same time makes it necessary to make sure you get in a group that is well organized with a vision and parents who are willing to help and participate. Our club focuses on public speaking, but studies other subjects to provide a springboard for our speeches.

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