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Postby Mom_HackZ10 » Tue Nov 21, 2017 1:33 am

Hello, nice to meet everyone.
I am here to find answers to my questions and get info on various aspects of our mutual situation as needed.
im glad we can do this in our homes and im grateful and delighted to find the forum.
i have one child. 10 yo and they have been diagnosed with autism and adhd.
we have been officially homeschooling in various forms since they were 6 almost 7 and hen again at 8 after a brief stint in a school that seemed it would work in Washington state. it didn't break any molds and we were back to it only 2 or so months when communication broke down yet again.
at first we tried public schooling and in different states as well. It has been best to keep it to home. We have not found anything more useful to their education.

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