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Flanker says hi

Postby Flanker27S » Tue Jun 30, 2020 10:56 am

Hello everyone,

I've joined this forum because I'm an expat who's moving from one country to another every couple years - with my family - and I thus have to teach my children at home. My eldest daughter is already 8 and has done the first 3 years of her studies in an English language school in Moscow, and from now on, I'm planning to take care of her education myself; the same will apply to her little brother, who's turning 5 this summer.
Plus, my wife and I both have substantial higher education - I've got a master's degree, she has a Ph.D - so I'm pretty confident we can teach our kids a thing or two!

Apart from that, I'm originally from Kansas, and my wife from Belgium, which means our children speak English, French and Flemish (and our girl has already picked up some Russian!)

See you soon on the forums.

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