Free Online Math Exercises!

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Free Online Math Exercises!

Postby Love2Teach101 » Tue Mar 12, 2013 8:59 am

Just go to (for high school) or (for grades 1 - 8 )

Click on "Set Up Account", and fill out the info for you and your child.

After this, you can register to get 2 free math exercises per week. Their other programs (reading/writing, advanced math, and vocab) are pretty good as well, but they're not free. [I think they are about $30/semestar?]

***Please list my e-mail as your referrer :) I can donate the referral credit to my students.***

Oh yeah, and they don't seem to send out lots of e-mails. The only e-mails I ever get from them are weekly summaries telling me how my students performed on various exercises.

Thanks! Hope you find it useful!

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