New Mexico homeschooling laws

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New Mexico homeschooling laws

Postby eshesh » Tue May 30, 2006 3:55 pm

I just completed a detailed write-up of the homeschooling laws for New Mexico at

I felt that the links I see so frequently around the web (to HSDLA, CAPE-NM, and the state statutes) were not quite "user-friendly" enough; basically, I didn't want anyone to be scared off from homeschooling because their questions weren't answered and they were afraid of breaking the law!

My starting point was the most commonly asked questions of new and prospective homeschoolers that we would get on our co-op's message board, and then I tried to make sure this page gives them the answers. It covers how to file, paperwork requirements (both to file, and to keep at home), ages of kids required to homeschool, requirements for the homeschool educator, immunizations and waivers, etc.

I'm also working on a homeschooling FAQ to answer even more questions about homeschooling specifically for New Mexico.

I would love for anyone who knows about the laws to check it out and give me any feedback.

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