Trying to HS...30 day wait - Nebraska

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Trying to HS...30 day wait - Nebraska

Postby mcompton1973 » Tue Nov 17, 2009 10:03 pm

I have made a decision to Home School. A number of reasons. We were thinking about it prior to the begining of the year for my son because he is involved in MT. Biking at a high level (was 3rd in Nationals last year...yes I am bragging). We did not because we moved, and thought public school would help him meet people etc. Sorry about that decision. He is not adjusting to the new school as well...and although he is popular, that is part of the we have decided based onthe things he is getting involved in (not drugs or anything...but other negative influences including inabililty to be apropriate with girls etc) we want to pull him out of school immediatly and HomeSchool.

I just completed the paperwork for Nebraska, and will be turning that in tomorrow. We are going to use Progress Academy for the curriculum. My problem is that the FAQ for the state say we need to file 30 days prior to begining to Homeschool. I wonder what anyones thoughts on this are. Do you believe that the school/district or state really care? Would they bother or harass me on this issue? Am I ok to do what I think I need to do...or do you think that I had best follow that to the letter just in case?

Locally people seem to be telling me not to worry about it...but I jsut wonder what your thoughts are...from people that actually HomeSchool. Thanks.

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Postby 4given » Wed Nov 18, 2009 6:31 am

I found this...

[i]c. Information Summary - The Parent Representative must also file an Information Summary (supplemental sheet to Form B) prior to the date that the home school begins operation and annually thereafter by August 1st. This must include the following:

i. A calendar for the school year indicating a minimum instruction of 1,080 hours in secondary schools and 1,032 hours in elementary schools. (For a home school, this can be a very general statement of when the school term begins and ends.)

ii. A list of all “instructional monitorsâ€

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