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Seriously... Missouri?

Posted: Wed Sep 02, 2009 11:59 pm
by Krissy_beltonMOmom
Ok, all I have to do in missouri is....

1. give the school a withdraw letter.. (got a sample, so I already made one)

2. Prepare a daily log that demonstrates 1000 hours (600 of those in the core subjects)

3. Keep the log with a small portfolio of tests and sample work... in case we ever get evaluated/audited...

(however, from what most are saying around here (Kansas city area)... almost no one ever gets audited without some one complaining about their kids being truant and such.)

and that's it... I just keep the portfolio and logs and don't actually have to apply for anything or name my non-profit home school, or anything... just keep the info for a "just in case" scenario...

if that's all true, and some one please verify, then I'm sooo thankful for missouri and love this state!

Thanks... please confirm, so I'm comfy with my direction.

Posted: Thu Sep 03, 2009 4:31 pm
by elliemaejune
Well, according to HSLDA, yup, that's the law.

Posted: Sun May 02, 2010 9:23 pm
by tinky wink
Yes, and I was just looking at DESE's law too. Honestly, if you dont' go around trash talking the school and it's obvious that you're a responsible parent, you shouldn't have a problem. The school used to refer people to me sometimes and I could always tell who was going to be responsible (the ones who weren't mad at the school!) so the school would leave them alone if I put in a good word for them. Once they did call DFS on a family though, b/c it was a single father raising his kids, but he'd asked me all kinds of questions about microscopes and testing and how do you know they're learning, so DFS and the school left them alone and last I heard, when the kids went back to school they were very much ahead. I just don't think DESE wants the hassle any more than we do, and it's pretty obvious to everyone when people aren't doing what they're supposed to do.

Horror story: I had a cousin who was getting a divorce from his wife and when he went over to her house one day, he found out that the entire HS curriculum was TV and listening to the entire Rush Limbaugh radio program. That wasn't MO though. :)