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ITALY - Homeschool Law

Postby sarahfonto » Thu Jul 23, 2009 1:15 pm

1 - It is legal.

2 - There is a process of request, your child will be registered and be expected to submit to oral or written exams at the local school annually.

3 - It is rare, most people will tell you it is illegal, including the school officials that you talk to until you produce the formal request with the laws attached for their illumination.

4 - It can take some time to go from request to "permission". Be patient. to speed things up request face to face appointments instead of written communication.

5 - You can use a curriculum in the English language, although your child will most likely be tested in Italian.

6- You should be prepared to produce work that your child has completed throughout the year. I will be meeting monthly with the school. Others have reported their only contact is yearly.

7- You are legally required to have completely your schooling two full academic years beyond the level of the children you are currently teaching. This appears to be the "technical capacity" referred to in the laws. Typically you self-declare your capacity without the need to produce certificates however that is not a guarantee that they will not be requested.

8- You have to have the financial capacity necessary. "Necessary" is not defined. Typically you self-certificate without the need for tangible evidence but again there is no guarantee you will not be asked to produce something to support the claim. Although nobody I know of has had to. It is just a technical possibility.

For copies of the letter of request, copies of the laws and a first person account of going through the process a post is available on my blog which is listed in my profile. It looks awful on paper, and I didn't have much fun going through it because the "ohhhh it is illegal and we will have to arrest you" mob made me paranoid, but in retrospect it is just a typical bit of Italian bureaucracy, lots of "in triplicate" bark but no bite.

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Postby Theodore » Tue Jan 19, 2010 9:15 am

Thanks for contributing this info!

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