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Withdrawing From Public to Homeschool during truancy?

Posted: Tue Jun 03, 2014 11:35 pm
by amom26
I am in MO. PM me if you have district specific info you think might apply. My daughter had a lot of missed days last year (7th grade). There are reasons, primarily teasing and bullying that she did not report for fear of making it worse. She also suffers from depression and anxiety, which is probably made worse if not caused by all of that.

Anyway, I did not know how bad the teasing was until I was charged and she and I really began working on our defense. She had not shared much with me for fear I'd run tell the principal and make it harder on her. I knew she was having a difficult time. There were horribly emotional breakdowns a lot, most, morning, but the shrink we were seeing kept telling me to just push her on, she needed to work through all of that. I'm so mad at myself now for not making her feel like she could really tell me how hard it was for her.

So, I would like to withdraw her and begin homeschooling. I think she needs a chance to catch her breath and do some healing away from that negative environment. She needs time to get her depression under control. She needs time to actually learn. She's spent the last year, maybe two, doing her best to blend in to the wall each day - never raising her hand or even hearing half of what the teacher said, just trying to make it through the day.

She got pretty much all F's this year (7th) and I'm pretty sure they will try to hold her back, which will only make the teasing all that much worse. I really believe keeping her home, at least until she's caught up, is the best thing for her.

Since I'm in the middle of the charge though (charged, have not yet had our first court date), can I still withdraw her or is there some kind of rule prohibiting that since I'm under charge?

If I can, and assuming we begin work immediately, does anyone know how, if at all, it will affect the charges against me?

I am NOT suggesting doing it to get out of anything. My heart is just so broken for what she's gone through and I want more than anything to give her the time and healing she needs away from that. I want her to see how smart she really is when she is free to listen and ask questions, not hide out and try to be invisible. I want her to mature and grow and build her confidence, which I don't think she can do with that nastiness around her, especially if she's held back and it escalates.

Posted: Tue Jun 03, 2014 11:40 pm
by amom26
I will add that the only experience I know of a situation like this was 13 years ago and the laws may have changed. The parent, at that time, was allowed to withdraw and all she had to do was come back 30 or 60 days later, can't remember, and present their home school log and a portfolio of work. The charges were dismissed at that time.

The child completed one year of homeschooling with straight A's and rejoined his class the following year (his choice). That year off gave him time to deal with the medical and ensuing emotional problems he was facing and gather his strength back. He graduated with honors and is now a successful professional in his chosen field, having flown through collage with great grades.

Again though, 13 years is a long time ago and who knows now how much has changed.