Homeschooling in Romania?

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Homeschooling in Romania?

Postby mihai_alexandru » Tue Nov 11, 2008 2:49 pm

Homeschooling is illegal here in Romania but I've heard that it is still possible to homeschool with the help of a private school, "umbrella school" they call it. Please tell me if it is possible for me to homeschool and if the diploma that I will get from a private school will help me go to college.

I am in the tenth grade in high-school and I have been looking for an answer for the last month I think, currently without any succes so please help.

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Postby jcollins » Wed Nov 12, 2008 1:43 pm

The only thing I could find about homeschooling in Romania was right here. ... efault.asp

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

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