Can someone help me in the State of California?

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Can someone help me in the State of California?

Postby Joy1213 » Thu Apr 26, 2012 2:31 am

I live in Los Angeles Ca, and my daughter is attending public school right now. I have done numerous research online and even went as far as posting on Yahooanswers to get! Anyhow, I am very confused. There are so many choices of homeschooling. I was told online that I have to sign an Affidavit regarding a private school since I live in California. But I just want to homeschool her, not open up a "private" school.I am confused. She is in a charter school right now, and I've had so many problems there, with the students and the staff. She is just not moving forward. She is in 7th grade. I need to know how do I go to the school and get her out and get this started? I know that the school DOES NOT want me to take her out, but I hear that I have the right to homeschool my child. So, that is what I want to do. I don't want to get in trouble by the law and I don't want to make the mistake of giving her the wrong curriculum either. I REALLY want to help her. And after she has finished her 12th grade year, do I have to go get her tested somewhere by the state? Does she get paperwork that she graduated? Please can someone help me? Thank you so much!

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Re: Can someone help me in the State of California?

Postby elliemaejune » Thu Apr 26, 2012 11:42 am

Ok, let me give you a short course in California's compulsory education code:

There is no homeschool statute, but we do have a court case. Yay. :-)

Children in California must be enrolled in a private school or a public school, or tutored full-time by a credentialed teacher (and at the high school level, the tutor must be credentialed in each subject).

Private schools are not regulated by the state, other than having to file an affidavit annually.

The court case of a couple of years ago decided that homeschoolers are the equivalent of private schools.

So yes, you must either file an affidavit yourself, which makes you a private school with one student :-) or you can enroll in a private school which also enrolls homeschooled students. The court referred to these schools as "Private School Satellite Programs"--PSP. Some PSPs have a campus with children who show up daily; some only enroll homeschooled children. Both campus and non-campus private schools look the same on paper.

If you teach her at home, you decide when she is ready to be graduated, and you issue a diploma. The state is not involved--remember that she would be enrolled in a *private* school, not a government school (such as the charter school), and the state has no jurisdiction over private schools (other than requiring that affidavits be filed annually). So you (and she) decide what she must do to be graduated, and when she completes that, you graduate her, give her a diploma, have a party. :-)

Public school students have to take an exit exam. Private school students do not.

There is a test called the California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE), which is the equivalent of a high school diploma in California. Students who are in the second semester of 10th grade, or who are 16yo, make take the CHSPE, and if they pass, they are considered graduated. Some homeschoolers have their dc take the CHSPE, but it is not required; it does sometimes help younger children who want to enroll in community college...but that's a whole other thread, lol.

ETA: Los Angeles has always been hostile to homeschoolers. They have no legal clout at all, but they still try to make things difficult for homeschoolers. If I were you, I'd join HSLDA before trying to withdraw your dc from school, just for peace of mind.
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