Possible Home School Opportunity for Families &/teens

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Possible Home School Opportunity for Families &/teens

Postby HOmeSchoolCampaign » Fri Jul 25, 2008 9:51 pm


There are Student Action Teams (SAT) forming (like HSLDA's Generation Joshua, of which we have been a very active part nationally for the past 4 years). These SAT are for a state wide campaign for a home school friendly candidate. HSLDA cannot use national Gen. J'ers in these state campaigns because of their Federal PAC agreements.

The candidate is running for Tennessee State Senate. Until this year, Tennesee was conisedered a home school friendly state. Recent legislation is changing that. We hope to make a strong national statement that when politicians interfere with our home school freedoms, we will interfere with their political careers.

Anyway, these State SAT's are for a home school friendly candidate. They will begin and end before Will Estrada, Gen. J's director puts together his teams. We are doing this so that we do not take from the pool of students planning to go with them.

I don't know how to offer the detailed information (should parents PM me? or post a response?) If someone knows the preferred method, please post what that would be.

The SAT's are in Tennessee and will offer, at no cost, safety, food/lodging, transportation to/from Nashville and an education in grassroots politics.

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