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Posted: Sun Oct 28, 2007 1:46 pm
by momo3boys
Ramona, I do the same thing. As a one income family I can't afford any organization. I send a letter, and then if they aren't too busy I get one back. That's all I do. Some states are more strict, but where I am in MA isn't. The schools I deal with are great. As long as you know the law, you should be fine. No need to pay money for someone else to do it.

Posted: Sun Oct 28, 2007 6:24 pm
by elliemaejune
Boxie Lady wrote:I didn't know that you could homeschool without going through some sort of agency. I am not talking about these $200-500 year places. I joined a local Association for $35/yr for the family and I don't have to deal with the school or the district. Once I enrolled I sent them student and school info and they sent the school a fax that my child would be withdrawing and attending private schooling at "Lee Academy"-my school name that I chose.

I do not have to answer any questions about anything and they said that if anyone called wanting to know about anything, even the books that I use that they are not legally allowed to and for me to have them call them.

Now, this could just be for my particular state (SC).

Yes, this is true for your particular state, which has a specific home school statute that allows you do to what you have. Most states do not have anything like this.

Illinois does have quite a good homeschool law. What muddies the water is the pre-existing truancy problems with the school (as stupid as they are).

This is HSLDA's legal analysis of Illinois law:
#3 and 4 seem to be applicable to this particular situation.

I'm thinking that you should go ahead and apply for HSLDA membership and see what happens.

Compulsory age for school

Posted: Thu Nov 15, 2007 2:34 pm
by Mathmom
Dear Jansmom,
You were correct about the age requirement. So, unless your child is 7 years old now, they don't have any case at all with you. Don't let them intimidate you.
Check out the laws at for Illlinois.

Also, note: You will read in the laws that you do NOT need to keep attendance. Home schools are considered private schools, in IL, and it says right there they are not required to keep attendance.

I grew up in Ogle County, and I still live and homeschool in Northern IL.
So, I see how the schools are in need of their money they get for each child attending school. They don't want to lose the $$$$$$.

I hope you will read and follow the laws, and not worry about what you hear so much.
You sound like you will do well with homeschool. Hope your troubles are over soon.