waldorf enki oak meadow rightstart konos sonlight and more

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waldorf enki oak meadow rightstart konos sonlight and more

Postby beachrose » Wed Apr 25, 2012 2:09 pm

Feel free to make an offer. I will give discounts to multiple buyers prices include shipping

In used condition Oak meadow complete package 160. ppd Includes:
Oak Meadow Second Grade Syllabus
Oak Meadow Intermediate Recorder
Oak Meadow Clay Fun
Oak Meadow Book of Nature Crafts
Oak Meadow Animal Stories
Oak Meadow Just So Stories
Oak Meadow Ben and Meg
Oak Meadow The Voyages of Dr. Doolittle
Oak Meadow Fables
Oak Meadow Animal Friends
The Home Teacher's Process Manual
Growing, Growing Strong Price:
Oak meadow Syllabus grade 3 75.00 ppd
Oak meadow Syllabus grade 4 75.00 ppd

Konos 1 older version 18.ppd
Konos obedience unit 12.00 ppd

65.00 ppd kit I am selling includes the lesson book, worksheets, manipulatives for Level B:

Standard AL Abacus
Place Value Cards
Abacus Tiles
Cards for Math Games (can't find the multiplication ones)
Color Cubes
Colored Tiles


grade five 1999 science language arts and basic science is missing first two weeks 26.00.ppd
history of God's kingdom grade 8 2000 27.ppd
20th century world history 2006 ( I have almost all the books for this one too)
4 civilizations 2001 25. ppd
language 2 1999 14 ppd or 5 less if mailed with another set
civics american government 2002 35.ppd
american history part 1 2008 plus
language arts three teachers manuel and 2 student worksheets 2008 and all 5 day books save 13 150ppd
1996 grade three language,science and basic plus biology for every kid book 30ppd
2004 american history indepth 35. ppd
science 1 2010 tm and student pages with see and do dvd 37.ppd
science 2 2010 tm and student pages with see and do dvd 37.ppd

It is missing a few of the items that came with it originally.

I also have the transition lessons I can sell for 12.ppd or ten if included in above kit. The binding is off on this one but everything is there

One-to-One, A Practical Guide to Learning At Home Ages 0-11 a homeschool book written from a waldorf perspective. You can read more about it here http://www.fun-books.com/homeschooling.htm 15.0ppd or 10.00 ppd if mailed with any other books
****pending *****
I am so sad to part with these... I've been putting it off but I need to buy new curriculum to keep up with my kids.

selling both grades Enki k&1 for 550. including shipping more then half off.

kindergarten new is 500.00
First new 700.00
I LOVED Enki because it teaches you "how" to teach. It comes with a few dvds full of videos on to teach line drawing,wet on wet,eurythmy gestures etc.. The resources are unreal there is so much included.

There is one cd missing the community songs (Luckily it's the cd that has american songs so you could easily replace it with a weesing america or similar cd) It also doesn't come with the road map to enki (It wasn't with the package when I bought it basically it's a cd that tells you what is in the curriculum. It isn't necessary, I never missed it) It is in used condition not new. It comes with all the curriculum on Reference CDs (screen copy of all materials)
I would be willing to do some swapping. I'm looking for Live ed for my older kids

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Oak meadow and Enki

Postby alavallee22 » Sun Jul 15, 2012 9:16 pm


I have Pm'd you about this, but wanted to make sure you get my reply.
If these materials are still available, I am interested in your Oak meadow grade 2, and Enki grade 1. I would take both grades for Enki but I am working within a budget.

Please let me know!!

Thanks so much. :D

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